Where to work

# Your remote office

Some remote workers love to work from home, and others need the separation of an office to feel sane. The great thing about a remote team is that each person can create their own preferred office setup.

# Where to work

After years of working remotely, we believe that co-working or home office setup should be part of the compensation package for employees. This ensures that the office setup is a productivity option, not a monetary decision that falls on workers.

# Make a home office

Make sure that a home office is set up for productivity. This means having a quiet devoted space with a desk, an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Reducing distractions is key to a successful WFH setup.

# Work from a local coworking space

Find the right co-working space for your preferences. There are a wide variety of options, each with their own vibe. You can do a trial day in most offices to make sure it matches your version of productivity. There are often a variety of plans ranging from pay-per-day to devoted offices.

# Find remote-friendly spaces

Working from coffee shops and public spaces can be refreshing every once in a while. In some cities, you can find platforms that provide a membership-based coworking service for access to shops that are not in peak hours. If you are going to an establishment during normal hours, make sure you buy their products in exchange for the space and free wifi, and leave once you’ve overstayed your welcome:)

# Build out your remote office

Find the things that help you be most productive. If you work at a remote company, most employees will get a monthly or yearly stipend to help build out the office. If you are a freelancer or just getting started, there are also cheaper ways to get the same general setup.

  • MacBook Pro: A solid computer to use if you are doing any design or development work.

  • Magic Keyboard: A small bluetooth keyboard that can be left on your desk or thrown in a bag.

  • Magic Mouse 2: A small bluetooth mouse that makes it easy to navigate around a screen.

  • LG monitor: There are lots of options out there. Be sure to do your research and get one that works for your specific needs!

  • iPad as a second screen: If you don't have a permanent desk, but still want a second screen, consider getting an iPad and using the Duet app.

  • Keys-To-Go: An ultra-light keyboard that's great for keeping in your backpack and using with an iPad.

  • AirPods: If you are doing lots of calls, get AirPods or some other wireless headphones.

  • Audio-Technica Headphones: If you are mostly doing individual contributor work, consider getting over-ear headphones to help you stay focused.

# Find a place to work near you

# Co-working

Most major cities have a variety of co-working spaces to choose from. Decide whether you're looking for something like a "hot desk" where you just get access to the space, a dedicated desk, or a private office. You can often get access for just a few days a month, or unlimited access for full rent.

  • Croissant: Work from anywhere you want in your city. Use the app to find co-working near you.

  • Workfrom: Discover new places to work remotely, and clock in at places you get work done.

  • Deskpass: Deskpass provides affordable, flexible access to hundreds of wonderful, diverse coworking spaces and conference rooms to work, learn and meet.

  • WeWork: Whether you’re an established enterprise or a growing startup, discover spaces that inspire your most impactful work.

  • The Wing: Welcome to The Wing, a network of work and community spaces designed with you in mind.

  • Spaces: Offices, Coworking, Meeting Rooms in over 250 cities around the globe.

  • LiquidSpace: Whether you need a quick workspace or a longer-term solution, you’ll find it on the network for office space.

  • Spacious: A citywide network of shared drop-in workspaces. Currently in NYC, but you can often find similar startups in other cities.

# Team offsites / in-person work sessions

When you want to get together without an office, you will need a space that's good for larger group collaboration and socializing. Use one of these platforms to find an inspiring space in whatever city you're in.

  • Outsite: Global network of coliving spaces in beautiful places for digital natives and location independent workers. Communal living with all the comforts of home.

  • Airbnb for work: Reimagine how your employees travel, connect, and collaborate with Airbnb for Work.

  • Breather: Breather creates modern workspaces you can keep for hours, days or months.

# Moonlight city guides:

While getting Moonlight off the ground, we spent a lot of time in cities around the world. As digital nomads, we worked out of lots of coffee shops, public spaces, and short-term coworking. Now that the team is growing, we'll be doing guides in more cities where employees are based. If you have one of your own, send it our way to be featured!

  • Mexico City: The Moonlight team spent this past summer living in Mexico City. We are sharing our tips for working, finding wifi, and staying productive in the biggest city in North America.

  • Buenos Aires: The Moonlight team spent 3 months in Buenos Aires. We’re sharing our guide to coffee shops, restaurants, and things to see as a digital nomad.

  • Bali: Bali is one of the most popular digital nomad destinations in Southeast Asia. Read about the co-working, coffee, and welcoming community of travelers!

  • Barcelona: In Barcelona, you can find beaches, mountains, coffee, art, history, food, wine, and parties all wrapped up in one energetic city. Read our guide on where to work, and what to see!

  • Los Angeles: The Los Angeles area is big and each neighborhood has its special culture and vibe. This is our list of favorite remote work spots, mostly on the west side.

  • West Hollywood (LA): We wrote a guide to working from West Hollywood. We found it to be very walkable, filled with remote-work friendly spots, and an easy part of town to meet up with other people!

  • Denver: Hanging out in Denver, there are cranes on every corner and an entrepreneurial excitement. Colorado has the fourth fastest growing economy in the nation, and the city is quickly growing in population each year. Read our guide on remote work in Denver!

  • London: London is an ideal city for working remote. Free internet is available almost everywhere and you can easily find computer-friendly public spaces. Read our guide on best places to work!

  • New York City (coming soon!)

  • San Francisco (coming soon!)

  • Sacramento (coming soon!)

  • Chicago (coming soon!)

  • Atlanta (coming soon!)

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